About Us

Engraved4Ever is a dedicated in Custom Engraving of  Inspirational Bracelets Jewelry & Making Inspirational Quote Bracelets & Gifts . 

The Company Engraved4Ever  started to make hand stamped cuffs by using jewelry stamping tools to stamp Words, Names, Dates on Guitar Picks and Stainless Steel cuffs.

We are on a journey to engrave Inspiring messages, Personalized messages on Jewelry items that we believe will brighten the each and every day.
That does not stop there, we also do engrave handwriting/scribbles/signatures from old paper pieces that may be hard to read on jewelry items.
We do design the inscription right from scanning the handwriting, cleaning the same to get a clear picture of the matter to be inscribed and Creating the Final Jewelry.
Since good thoughts contribute to a happier life, we take pride in engraving Inspiring Quotes and messages that can become a everyday reminder to stay happy.

We hope you like our Inspiring goods and will spread the word about them to your family & friends.

Made with 100% Pure Love.
Engraved and personalized just for you in North America & Shipped worldwide.

Any Questions or Custom Orders do get in touch with us :